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A tree is a fantastic natural resource and benefit on any property. It provides shade and shelter; food and habitat; it catches and converts thousands of gallons of stormwater each year; it helps reduce energy costs and produces cleaner air to breathe; it stores carbon while creating beauty on the landscape. [For more information on the benefits of trees, please visit treesaregood.org] But what happens when these valuable trees become liabilities? Sometimes untended and unmanaged trees can split or even uproot—damaging cars and homes, and even become dangerous to people. Not just any tree worker will notice critical structural or health problems. An educated, certified arborist has a trained eye: able to make those difficult decisions and diagnose disease. FCR Inc. employs certified arborists to give ethical advice to homeowners, companies, and municipalities regarding their valuable trees. Whether the ethical answer is complete removal, surgical pruning, or treatments (like ash injections for Emerald Ash Borer) we will find it. Our certified arborists will provide the client with all potential options and then explain the pros and cons of each. We are licensed and insured to operate throughout the tri-states—servicing communities throughout Dubuque county, Jo Daviess county, and Grant county.

What We Do

An Ethical Approach to Tree Care
With high quality ropes and a tactical skill set, our climbers ascend trees without using heavy trucks that will compact the soil and ruin your lawn. We make only proper surgical pruning cuts, and avoid cutting into critical species during high risk times of the year—properly pruning to avoid the spread of infestation and disease by studying pest life cycles.
While chemical treatments can be a valuable integrative tool, they must be ethically and intelligently administered. Like doctors, our certified arborists analyze every aspect of a tree before determining if a chemical treatment is the best option. When we do utilize a chemical treatment (like TREE-äge® for combating EAB) it is always in such a way, and at such a time, that off-target environmental factors are kept safe from chemical contamination. By putting people and nature over profits, FCR Inc. strives to be a truly ethical approach to tree care.

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Full Circle Restoration Inc

Seth Sample
B.S. B.A., certified arborist